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Determine your needs realistically

* Are the retirement activities in line with your lifestyle?
* Are the local amenities close by?
* Is the strata council open to family members, especially children, vacationing?
* Do you prefer a 55 and older building?
* Do the strata rules forbid small pets?
* Are you in the same age bracket as the current residents?
* Is it a couple oriented building, or singles only?
* What are the noise restrictions?
* Can hanging baskets and lawn chairs decorate your balcony?
* How many parking stalls per unit?
* Can you perform minor car repairs?
* Is the personal and building security systems to your liking?

These are just a few of the questions that require answers before you enter into a binding contract. Discuss these questions with your Real Estate Agent, allowing their expertise to guide you to just the right home - one that meets all your personal needs, and one that also fulfills your dreams.

1. Overlooking Schools and Children

Is your new home close enough for the children to walk to their new school, is there bus service just down the street, does the school offer academics suitable to your children's needs, or is it right next door and you've reached a point in your life where you would prefer quiet solitude?
Caught up in the passion of your new home, it is easy to overlook and undermine these questions. After six months of taxiing your children to and from school, you may find yourself experiencing the need for more freedom. By graduation, your children may find that had they attended another secondary school, the university prerequisites would have been fulfilled. You may thoroughly enjoy sitting alone in your private backyard only to find recess noise and the school's outdoor gym activities hamper your need for solitude. Determine the answers with your Real Estate Agent before signing on the dotted line!

2. Yard Maintenance

The thought of your own swimming pool, the manicured lawns, or the beautiful English garden in full bloom. It's lovely to look at, but do you want to spend the time required to keep everything in top working order? Do you have the funds required to hire a full-time landscape architect? In some cases, you may be better suited for townhouse living where yard maintenance is part of the contract, and the local recreation center offers swimming and exercise programs tailored to your lifestyle needs.

3. Title Searches

Encumbrances, right of ways, easements, tax liens, builder's liens, leases, an undisclosed co-owner....
Avoid all potential difficulties by having a title search performed as early as possible. Protect your investment by purchasing Owner's Title Insurance.